Blackwell Recovery®

Blackwell Recovery® is redefining collections

Mention “debt collections” to most people and they usually conjure up some of the strong-arm methods frequently used by old-fashioned collection agencies. It’s no secret that heavy-handed collection practices sometimes end up backfiring and discouraging people from doing the right thing.

Enter Blackwell Recovery® – a highly refined, third-party collections service offered under the Concord banner.  Blackwell was launched in the fall of 2011 to answer the call for a more effective recovery solution – simply “debt collections for the next generation of consumers.”

Blackwell Recovery offers a fresh approach to getting your delinquent consumers back on track that is results oriented. Blackwell combines innovative technology solutions with a diverse set of efficient collection strategies. Add in a highly skilled and experienced collections team and the result is a healthier portfolio.  And based on results, Blackwell Recovery is setting a new standard for collections by offering clients a recovery performance that is among the highest in the industry.

Blackwell Recovery’s capabilities include:

  • Innovative tactics for debt recovery of severely delinquent accounts
  • Customized strategies designed for maximum recovery
  • Owner-centric approaches that result in higher debt repayment
  • Responsive service, including extensive real-time reporting capabilities
  • Award-winning technology solutions
  • Data protection with an external data center
  • Full transparency
  • A dedicated compliance officer, and
  • Multilingual, multicultural staff located in Arizona, New York & Mexico City


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