DOCKit® is an all-encompassing solution to managing and tracking tasks within your organization.

Benefits of DOCKit® include:

  • The ability to organize tasks – so attention can be shifted towards the process.
  • Allows users to keep an eye on productivity.
  • Improves efficiency by tracking and managing deadlines of the company.
  • Ensures each team member knows WHO is doing WHAT and WHEN it needs to be completed.
  • Turns completing tasks into a collaborative effort.
  • Creates transparency – makes everyone accountable and provides clear vision.
  • Allows progress to be tracked in real time and viewable by all users.

DOCKit® features escalation flags, which are multi-colored flags to denote progress on a specific task, and notifies the manager when a task is nearing the completion date. DOCKit® is very user friendly – individual users can track their workload and clearly see the priorities for the team. DOCKit® also allows managers complete control – ensures individual steps in a larger process are completed in the correct order.

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