If your organization is like most, you’ve been challenged to “do more with less” – especially when it comes to finding new prospects. More than ever before, the quality of prospects outweighs the quantity. Marketing departments face increasing pressure to drive results and demonstrate return on marketing investment. Certainly you want to generate prospects that have the propensity to buy – but more importantly, you need to generate prospects that have the ability to buy.

Qualifly® – The ideal candidate to supplement your marketing team!

  • a secured website which pulls credit scores from a major national credit bureau
  • full privacy for the consumer – the actual FICO® score is never revealed
  • a “soft hit” on the prospect’s credit file – will not adversely affect their credit score

If you want to identify qualified prospects based on a proven FICO®-based credit database, determine the best gift or premium for each prospect, make more informed decisions on what product to present in the sales presentation or what financing terms should be offered – you need Qualifly®.

NOTE: If the consumer is not present, you will want to ensure your marketing materials obtain clear express written consent from the consumer to access his or her credit file from a credit bureau.

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