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Mexican Residential Mortgages

Concord Servicing Corporation supports mortgage servicing needs in Mexico by fulfilling the role of a Master Servicer, providing investors with third-party validation to facilitate accurate investment performance monitoring. This critical fiduciary role involves the reconciliation and validation of financial reporting by the Primary Administrator for each account within the supervised loan portfolios, including applied transactions, balances, and cash flow generation.
Concord Servicing Corporation also provides back-up for all the data provided by the primary administrator.


Custodial Services

At Concord, we leverage our experience and knowledge in all facets of financial product management with solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Because we understand the importance of critical documents and what they represent, we offer complete document validation including individual files and database inventory tracking. Inventory can be linked to receivables for reporting and scheduled maintenance, such as returning paid-in-full documents. Concord provides custodial services encompassing e-vault, backup services, loan validation, and UCC validation to hold clients' securities - minimizing risk of theft or loss.

Master & Back-Up Servicing

Concord serves as a master/backup servicer for approximately 150,000 loans with combined balances of approximately $1.9 billion. Concord works with the primary servicer to obtain necessary data and information required to offer extensive master/back-up servicing. To deliver the appropriate level of support, Concord provides cold, warm, and hot back-up programs. Using the interface programming prepared by IT, Concord receives and downloads data into its servicing system on a predetermined frequency, to include all data available from the primary servicer. In warm and hot backup situations, the data can be stored on the Concord’s systems with a copy made for inclusion on the system for Concord’s Disaster Recovery Program.

Primary Servicing

For 30 years, Concord has been a primary loan servicer for unsecured consumer receivables in multiple sectors, including hospitality, home improvement, energy efficiency, and land holdings. The company services in excess of 2,100 portfolios, and 1.8 million consumer obligations with a portfolio size of approximately $4.8 billion. Video: Concord Diagram of Business

Blackwell Recovery

Blackwell Recovery combines innovative technology solutions with a diverse set of efficient collection strategies for a healthier portfolio. Offering recovery performance among the highest in the industry, Blackwell Recovery's results oriented approach sets the standard for collections in all the markets we service. Features:

  • Innovative measures for debt recovery of severely delinquent accounts.
  • Customized strategies designed for maximum recovery.
  • Consumer-focused approaches that result in higher debt repayment.
  • Responsive service, including extensive real-time reporting capabilities.
  • Award-winning technology solutions.
  • Data protection with an external data center.
  • Transparency.
  • Dedicated compliance officer.
  • Multilingual, multicultural staff located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Mexico City.
Video: Blackwell Recovery